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South Easter Productions is a production house based in Cape Town, South Africa
We are a company that deals both in content creation and production service

South Easter - A name born out of the powerful South Easter wind of Cape Town.
It might blow you away on your own but we'll show you how to ride it. You’ll be riding front seat with us.

We are a young at heart band of creatives that come out of a world full of old, dusty methods of work.
During this innovative time of change in the way that content is being created - South Easter strives to be on the frontlines.

The days of massive sets and helicopter budgets are slowly coming to an end. This is to make way for new opportunities and new beginnings.

Clients must have choices

 - choices about the creatives they plan on using and more importantly; where their budgets are going and how it unfolds during the production.


Creativity is our game

- we strive to give a fully cooperative creative process from conceptualisation to finalisation.

Once we are handed a brief, we get to work.

We hand over a curated selection of creatives / want someone else specific? No problem.

The next step is finalising costs - we like to give clients options. Lots of options. Everyone must win.
And we supply it in realtime - a direct access link to all costs during the entire production period.
From the largest to the smallest. 

Cost estimates, quotes, invoices and even the receipts from the coffees and croissants on the recce. 

Everything is accounted for.

Incorporating healthy business etiquette and boundless creative opportunity is our aim.

To be better informed, educated and to have a stronger sense of trust between clients, crew and suppliers is the only way forward in this industry.

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